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BR Rudd / GWR P19 Ballast Wagon

Prototype History


The Great Western Railway built numerous all steel ballast wagons with drop down side doors on 12ft wheelbase chassis culminating in diagram P19 in 1941. At nationalisation, this formed the basis for British Railway's own design, commonly known by its 'fish kind' name Grampus, also on a 12ft wheelbase, but slightly longer and with drop down ends. The British Railways wagons were vacuum braked and saw many years of service; with the elimination of vacuum braked working, British Rail embarked on a refurbishment program of Grampus wagons, replacing the vacuum brakes with air brakes, and rebuilding the damage-prone ends with new steel ones firmly reinforced with thick channel pieces. These refurbished wagons received the 'fish kind' name Rudd.

The Kit


The kit consists of the existing well-regarded Parkside Dundas Grampus kit with the addition of a brand new sprue which features the new alternative ends that will allow the modeller to build either the GWR P19 ballast wagon or the BR Rudd ballast wagon.

Rudd Instructions.
Click here to download a PDF version of the instructions for this kit.

Product Code : MLS029

Product Code : MLS029

The tooling for the new ends has now been donated to the N Gauge Society.