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PSA Tippler Wagon

PSA Tippler Wagon Instructions.
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Product Code : MLS057

Product Code : MLS057

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It was not unusual for 'new' wagons to utilise the chassis of old wagons, and this was the case for these steel-bodied wagons. As was often the case, the donor chassis came from redundant class B 45T glw air-braked tank wagons. The conversion work was carried out by Procor Ltd in 1975, thus these wagons are classed as private owner rather than BR. In 1982 the original double-link suspension was changed to Bruninghaus although the visual differences are minor (the Peco chassis included is ideal for these wagons in either form as it represents a tank wagon chassis). Whether they were ever used in tipplers to unload them is not known (more likely is that a mechanical grab was used) but 'tippler' seems to be the best description since wagon experts only use the term 'open' to describe merchandise wagons with doors, none of which were fitted to these wagons. The converted wagons were numbered PR25500 to PR25523, and the design code was PS016B or PS016C (depending on the suspension in use at the time). They lasted into the late 1980s, possibly the early 1990s. Delivered in a smart light grey livery, it did not take long for them to become quite filthy and rusty, often due to the commodities carried such as road salt. This kit includes a Peco NR-122 15ft wheelbase steel type solebar chassis which requires no alterations.

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