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Palethorpes Sausage Van

Prototype History


The LMS built two of these vans to Diagram D1958 in 1936 which lasted well into the BR period, specifically for carrying the products of Palethorpes which led to the dedicated livery. The roof hatches gave access to ice bunkers which kept the interior cool. In the mid-1950s they were taken off Palethorpes duties and used as passenger vans.

Click here to download a PDF version of the instructions for this kit.
Palethorpes 4 Wheel Van Instructions.

Product Code : MLS014

Product Code : MLS014

The Kit


Our first wagon kit! This was an exciting new project for N Gauge modelling, utilising a new technology for UK N Gauge wagons - laser cut wood. I brought together traditional materials such as injection moulded plastic and resin casting with new technology, laser cut wood and our own well-known printed sides, to make a unique wagon kit. When finished, this kit will look as good as any completely injection moulded kit. So what are the advantages of this multi-material approach?

Simply, that I can produce small batch runs, developed from drawing to production very quickly at a reasonable price for the modeller. All you need are a craft knife, steel ruler, pliers, engineer's square, wet and dry sand paper, and needle file. I recommend a wood working glue such as PVA for the wooden parts, although superglue and two part epoxy glue will work. Use a liquid polystyrene cement to glue plastics parts together. To glue everything else to everything else, use superglue or two part epoxy glue.


Please note that standard N Gauge 'rapido' couplers are supplied with the kit, they are just not shown in the photo.