Mill Lane Sidings

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Discontinued Products

Pilkington Sand Wagons

Limited edition wagons, now sold out, were produced for Mill Lane Sidings by Dapol.
GWR Loco Coal Wagons

Kits to build GWR N7, N19 or N30 loco coal wagons. Limited edition run of 50 kits of each diagram, now sold out.
GWR G23 Mayfly Transformer Load

Readymade load for the GWR Mayfly wagon.
GWR P20 Ballast Wagon

Kit to build a 9ft wheelbase ballast / spoil wagon.
LMS Sand Wagon

Another unusual wagon - an open with no doors!
GWR T6 Sleeper Wagon

These 12ft wheelbase GWR wagons lasted to BR times.

BR Rudd / GWR P19 Ballast Wagon


Kit to build either the BR Rudd or GWR P19 ballast wagon

GWR G23 Mayfly

One of those unusual wagons that modellers love!
GWR Aero Propeller Wagon

Kit to make the special GWR built to carry airplane propellers
BR Shock Open Wagons

Kits to build a British Railways shock absorbing open wagon.
GWR Diagram O4 Six Wheel Siphon

These classic GWR milk vans lasted many years and the kit is sure to be popular with modellers.
L&Y / LMS Sleeper Wagon

At last - a model of a pre-grouping wagon! These distinctive 10ft wheelbase wagons had elliptical ends.

Palethorpes Sausage Van


Kit for the LMS Diagram D1958 Insulated Sausage Van used to carry Palethorpes sausages

L&Y Coal Wagon

Another pre-grouping wagon These distinctive 9ft wheelbase wagons also had elliptical ends.
BR Ferry Van

Kits to build a British Railways Ferry Van
Business Park Signs

A useful sheet of signs for modern industrial estates
PSA Tippler Wagon

A modern era wagon that would look great on its own or in a rake.
Hydrochloric Acid Wagon

A very distinctive steam era wagon.
Lorry Trailer Sides

To fit the Graham Avis trailer
GWR 6 Wheel Siphon

Diagram O5 or O6