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GWR Loco Coal Wagons

A set of Great Western Railway Loco Coal wagons using the Peco 9ft wheelbase chassis to complement the GWR Coaling Stage. These 3 different types of wagon reflect the different construction methods employed by the GWR over time.

Diagram N7


Introduced in the 1880s, these were the original loco coal wagons, as seen by their all wooden construction, based on a standard four plank wagon with a wider plank added to the top. They were replaced within 30 years or so by the more modern all steel designs and moved into general goods traffic (with sheet rail or coke rails).

Diagram N30


The final design of 9ft wheelbase loco coal wagon, this was an all steel wagon with Morton lever brake. The main spotting feature is the use of right angle corners.

Diagram N19


Virtually identical to the diagram N30 wagons, the main difference with this earlier design was the use of rounded corners and DC III brake.

These kits are made from 0.75mm plastic with details like planks laser etched. There are also etching lines as a guide for where to add plastic strip to represent strapping and framing. Full body side transfers from Robbie Burns are included.


Please note that the required Peco chassis needs to be purchased separately.

			Diagram N30						Product Code : MLS032	

			Diagram N19						Product Code : MLS033	

			Diagram N7								Product Code : MLS034

  Diagram N30      Product Code : MLS032

   Diagram N19      Product Code : MLS033

   Diagram N7        Product Code : MLS034