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LMS Sand Wagon

LMS Sand Wagon Instructions.
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Product Code : MLS035

Product Code : MLS035

Here’s a different finish to the wagon, in it’s final condition (under British Railways ownership) as described in Essery’s book, with just unpainted wooden planks. The transfers are by ModelMaster, available exclusively  to members of the N Gauge Society - they are not 100% accurate, but pretty close!

One hundred wagons numbered 403900 to 403999 were built at Derby in 1934 to carry 12 tons of sand, not, as might be assumed, for locomotive depots, but for the construction industry. The design was a basic wooden body open merchandise wagon but

without any doors, and construction was to a high standard to prevent sand 'leaking' between the planks. They lasted into British Railways ownership, and although somewhat unpainted and unkempt, they were still labelled 'Return to Leighton Buzzard'. Details can be found in An Illustrated History Of LMS Wagons (Volume 1) by RJ Essery on page 155.


This kit is easy to build and fits the Peco NR-123 10ft WB Chassis (wood type solebars). Full side transfers from Robbie Burns are included.