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GWR T6 Sleeper Wagon

GWR T6 Sleeper Instructions.
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Product Code : MLS050

Product Code : MLS050    

The Great Western Railway introduced an open wagon design without doors (T2) for the carrying of sleeper timbers in 1893 and continued to build to the same basic design with minor alterations all the way until the four wagons built to diagram T6 between 1911 and 1913. This latter diagram increased the wheelbase from 11ft to 12ft, an extra

6ins on the width, replaced long lever brakes with Dean-Churchward corner brakes and had just two end stanchions instead of four. Many GWR sleeper wagons survived into British Railways ownership, although the lack of easy access by virtue of having no doors made them unpopular.

This kit comes with a Parkside Dundas 12ft wheelbase chassis (which requires slight alteration) but requires paint, transfers and glue to complete.


The body is made from laser etched plastic with self-adhesive card overlays to represent framing.