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GWR Diagram O5/O6 Six Wheel Siphon

GWR Dia O5-O6 Six Wheel Siphon Instructions.
Click here to download a PDF version of the instructions for this kit.

Diagram O5 (‘oh five’, not ‘zero five’) and O6 came later through the evolution of the design, and were basically a slightly taller version (7ft 6in) of Diagram O4. The latter was already tall enough to stack two milk churns so it may be that the intention was to use the increased height for stacking fish crates or barrels (the lot numbers indicate fish vans not milk vans). The only difference between the two diagrams was the ends, with Diagram O6 having opening end doors.

The kit is made from laser-cut Rowmark (a hard plastic) with laser-cut self-adhesive card for the side and end framing, and a self-adhesive card roof. Two Peco 10ft wheelbase guards van chassis are included which require alteration to make the required six wheel chassis.


Alternate ends are included to make either the Diagram O5 or Diagram O6 wagon.

The Great Western Railway used the telegraph code ‘siphon’ for all of its milk carrying wagons. Before the days of refrigeration (even using ice rather than mechanical refrigeration) the easiest way to keep the contents cool was to use slatted sides that would allow cooler air to flow through the body.

Despite the larger and all enclosed siphons that came later, the six wheel slatted side design lasted from the late nineteenth century to nationalisation (most were then scrapped, but some were sold out of stock, or retained as wagons for carrying ‘engine parts’).

Product Code : MLS059

Product Code : MLS059