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Modelling the Lineside - A Guide For Railway Modellers



The book is available from all good booksellers, including the following (click to follow the link):

This invaluable, well-illustrated book is essential reading for all railway modellers who wish to authentically recreate the railway lineside in model form. It is hugely enjoyable to watch trains passing by so this book will show you how to provide a realistic setting for those trains to occupy.


It begins by defining what is meant by the lineside and the design considerations for maximizing the amount of model railway lineside. The lineside boundary is explored in terms of the many different types of fencing and walls, then the ways to cross the line such as level crossings and footbridges. There are many structures by the lineside such as huts and water towers, also figures and road vehicles, and these are dealt with in detail. The prominence of

signalling is explored by looking at signal boxes, types of signals, turnout rodding and concrete trunking. The numerous miscellaneous lineside details from signs, to telegraph poles, graffiti and rubbish are amply illustrated.


This book contains many photographs of the products that are available for modelling the lineside. There are numerous step-by-step illustrations to show you how to build the many features of the lineside either from kits or from scratch. Finally, all the various elements are brought together in four projects covering typical lineside scenes from the steam era right up to the present day.


If you want to recreate the excitement of watching trains by the lineside but in authentic model form, then this is the book for you.